Solar Helps Protect the Environment
Your solar system can have a positive effect on our environment.
Taking action now is important.
An average solar system can help far more than most people realize.
Your system can offset the CO2 from burning 190 tons of coal.
Or offset the CO2 from driving a car 430,000 miles.
A solar system is the equivalent of planting 217 acres of trees.
Most (71%) of California's energy sources are terrible for the environment.
Solar is a way you can generate and use clean, renewable energy.
Most people only talk about protecting the environment.
Solar is a way you can truly make a difference.
Thinking of how you can help Mother Nature? Going solar is one of the answers. When you go solar, not only do yourself a favor by saving money, you help protect the environment as well. Since it’s a clean source of energy, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and other harmful emissions.
Below are more reasons
to go solar now.
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Reliable and Clean Energy
SmartSolar™ Advantages
Start Now with Zero Down
Reduce Your Energy Costs
Solar panels on buildings reflect the city. 3d rendering and illustration.
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