SmartSolarâ„¢ Advantages

SmartSolarâ„¢ technology delivers highly accurate information about your energy use.
SmartSolar systems with CURB technology can help you save and additional 15-20% more on average.
One client didn't know a dehumidifier was left on in a storage room and was wasting over $150/month.
That would add up to be over $9,000 in 5 years!
Another didn't know the heater was left on, but CURB technology sent them a text and they were able to turn if off remotely.
Golden Bear Solar proudly uses CURB technology to help make your house more efficient.
CURB will give you detailed information of where you are using energy.
Plus it can warn you if something starts draining energy like old appliances, or faulty wiring.
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Solar panels on buildings reflect the city. 3d rendering and illustration.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.