Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of questions we often get asked.
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As advocates of clean renewable energy, our biggest job is to educate the community about the benefits of solar. Having worked with many homeowners over the years, we feel that the number one barrier to going solar is the lack of information about the benefits of solar.
Many people believe that solar is going to cost them more money.

That is absolutely not the case. We only sell solar systems that save people money on their utility cost. The cost of solar today is less than purchasing dirty power from the grid, and will most often save 30% or more on electricity costs.
The only way to go solar is to spend $20k - 40k and wait for it to pay for itself.

With our financing options, you can go solar with no money down and have immediate savings on your utility bill.
In a few years, the current solar being installed is going to be obsolete.

Not true. The solar equipment that we are installing today is based on technology that was developed over 30 years ago. While equipment continues to get more efficient, if you chose to wait for newer equipment you would be missing out on the huge savings that solar can currently provide for only a very minor incremental benefit in efficiency. The reality is every day you wait to go solar, you lose money.
We just put solar on people's houses and sell power to the power company and make money off people that way.

We do not work with the power company, we offset or replace the power you purchase from the power company, and reduce energy costs.
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