Here is what our happy customers have to say about our quality solar system installations.
“One of the reasons I didn't look into solar earlier was I thought it was going to cost us $30,000 out of pocket, I had heard these systems were super expensive. But Golden Bear Solar showed us how to finance it with $0 out of pocket, and still save a $1,000 in the 1st year alone. The savings are going to do nothing but go up!”
~ Katie E.
Orinda, CA
"My husband decided we needed solar and Golden Bear was able to show us a positive ROI that met our timeline. When Francisco came for the inspection and to set up the install process, he was very sensitive to my needs and worked around our schedule. Golden Bear has been great to work with and we look forward to our greatly reduced energy bills."
~ Debbi B. & Family
Saratoga Homeowner
"I went solar as soon as I bought my house because I am environmentally conscious. I called up the team at Golden Bear and Mike and Rob did a great job - everything went smoothly and my energy bills dropped to almost nothing. Then when I added an EV and a hot tub, I was able to easily add on to my system.
I highly recommend them."
~ Mary L. & Family
Los Gatos Homeowner
I’m writing this to encourage others to consider Golden Bear Solar. They provided a substantially lower bid than other companies pushing solar services through the Robo calls and Home Depot.

My system has worked flawlessly for over 3 years. It was scaled perfectly to match my energy needs, which is demonstrated by the fact PGE owed me at the true after year 1 and year 2. Once again, I’m on track this year for a zero cost true up in May of 2019.

If you are thinking about leasing (instead of a purchase) speak to Golden Bear first. Others with solar on their home who have shared their leasing arrangement with me or the price they paid per kWh for purchasing their systems only confirms that the product, the service, and savings provided by Golden Bear are an incredible value. I will gladly serve as a reference for this company. My name is Scott and my email is sbull1@its.jnj.com.

I love my solar system.
Thank you! ”
~ Scott B.
Danville Homeowner
“I installed a solar system on my home almost 20 years ago. Golden Bear Solar upgraded and added to the system so we can continue to use clean energy … they have been very helpful in making this so.”
~ Jocelyne N
San Francisco Homeowner
"I couldn’t be more pleased by the job done by the team at Golden Bear Solar. The crew was fantastic – professional, productive, and friendly."
Here’s to a lifetime of saving money!
~ Marc G.
San Jose Homeowner
"Bottom line—this has been a sound environmental and financial decision on our part, and I would recommend Golden Bear Solar to anyone who is thinking about going solar. SmartSolar allows me to make informed decisions about my energy usage and save more than before."
~ John C.
San Jose Homeowner
"Rob Davey was the installer of my 25 panel solar system. His dedication and sensitivity to deliver the best system possible has proven with over 8 years of continuous operation with zero down time! During the design and building the system he provide timely feedback on progress and problem areas with positive resolutions. Rob also assisted me in the design and installation of my wind system. His electrical background and knowledge assisted in my education on dc to ac conversions along with up conversation to 120. Having been The Director Of Programs for Lockheed Martin and working along side many technical employees I recognized the outstanding abilities of Rob both technically and personal integrity. In my world many workers give somewhere between 80 and 90% — Rob is 110% guy and I would not hesitate in hiring him to manage and implement any major program!"
~ John C.
San Jose Homeowner
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